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Things You Should Know Why the Heater Will Not Turn On

If you live in the area where the temperatures are going low on the winter, you must know how important your HVAC is. Know what are the reasons why the heater is not working. It is a chilly winter night and also the snow is on the ground. You may have made your decision to spend your night inside the house. The plan would be to make that hot chocolate and just put on your really comfortable pair of pajamas and simply watch the favorite movies in the house. You really hope to have that relaxing and warm evening. However, you just discovered that your heater won’t work. Perhaps, the heat pump frozen can be the problem.

On such chillier months, the broken or a malfunctioning heater is surely the last thing that you want to deal with. But, when you are not able to properly diagnose the problem, you may have to overpay for the professional help or you can cause more damage to the HVAC system. This is one reason why you must know those common reasons why the heater in the house isn’t turning on and know the things which you can do for you to fix the issue.

The improper installation can be one common reason why the heater isn’t working. You may really save yourself so much money, time and headaches when you inspect the installation of the heater prior to taking the whole heating system as one reason for the problem. Whether you have that new HVAC system or if you have had some work done on the heater in the past year, such poor ductwork design and the mismatched unit sizing can cause plenty of issues.

An improper installation would definitely make it impossible for such air to flow through the home as well as increase the chance of having a short circuit. Once you have sensed such reason for the non-working home heater is that you must make sure that you contact those professionals to deal with this issue. You should check if the past repairs or such installation work really came with the warranty.

Another reason of the problem can be the insufficient refrigerant. You need to make sure that you have sufficient refrigerant in such HVAC system, particularly if you would use the heat pump to be able to power the system. If you have suspected that you don’t have enough, then you should be asking “Is my heat pump frozen?””

You should know that those frozen heat pumps won’t wear down such HVAC unit parts in an easy way but they can really increase those utility bills. The frequent heat strips that come with a lack of refrigerant can surely destroy the system’s compressor.